According to the WHO half of all prescriptions are irrational. In India a study finds,

– Pathological prescribing has overtaken rational prescribing
– Prescriptions do not reflect clinical condition of patients
– Too many drugs are prescribed without clear instruction to patients
– In 60% of prescriptions antibiotics are prescribed without valid indication
– Antibiotics are prescribed for viral diseases
– Physicians are not trained in rational prescribing of antibiotics
– 58% of prescriptions contain vitamins just with an eye to commissions
– Steroids irrationally given in 75% of prescriptions
– In case of stroke patients 48% of prescriptions had useless or expensive neuroprotective drugs
– Irrational use of oral contraceptives and morning after pills increasing incidence of breast cancers in women
– 100% rise in surgical procedures observed in private hospitals
– 90% of continuing medical education is by pharma companies
– 87% of physicians who author clinical practice guidelines are under pharma influence
– Irrational prescriptions lead to adverse effects, drug interactions and emergence of drug resistance.


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